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Chittaurgarh Tours Travel Guide

Chittaurgarh exhibits the pride and glory of Rajasthan in the form of its various forts and monuments. It is a ruined Chittorgarhcitadel where the royal past lives in the imposing forts, graceful palaces and spectacular chhatris. The entire city echoes with the tales of romance and valor unique to the Rajput tradition.

Chittaurgarh is one of the most fiercely contested seats of power on in India. About 72 miles of east of Udaipur stands chittor. with its formidable fortifications Bappa Rawal, the legendary founder of the Sisodia dynasty, received Chittor in the middle of the eighth century, as part of the last Solanki princess's dowry. It crowns a seven-mile- long hill, covering 700 acres (280 hectares), with its fortifications, temples, towers and palaces.

Chittor’s first defeat occurred in 1303 when Ala-ud-din Khilji, the Pathan king of Delhi, besieged the fort in order to capture the beautiful Padmini, wife of the Rana’s uncle, Bhim Singh. When defeat was inevitable, the Rajput noblewomen, including Padmini, committed jauhar and Bhim Singh led the orange-clad noblemen out to their deaths. In 1535 it was Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat, who besieged the fort and, once again, the medieval dictates of chivalry determined the outcome. This time, the carnage was immense.It is said that 13,000 Rajput women and 32,000, Rajput warriors died following the declaration of jauhar.

The final sack of Chittor came just 33 years later, in 1568, when the Mughal emperor. Akbar, took the town. Once again, the fort was defended heroically but once again, the odds were overwhelming and the women performed jauhar, the fort gates were flung open and 8000 orange clad warriors rode out to their deaths. On this occasion, Maharana Udai Singh fled to Udaipur where he re-established his capital. In 1616 Jehangir returned Chittor to the Rajputs but there was no attempt of resettlement.

More about Chittorgarh
Legend has it that it was because of the beautiful Padmini that Chittaurgarh was sacked the first time. When Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji, the ruler of Delhi, heard of Padmini’s beauty, he requested Rana Rattan Singh (her husband) for a glimpse of the queen. However, the Sultan was permitted to see only the reflection of the queen from a water tank that overlooked the palace. Ala-ud-din is said to have been so carried away by Padmini’s beauty that he attacked Chittor in order to possess her. This led to the first bitter and bloody siege of the Chittaurgarh fort and the subsequent mass suicide.

Sightseeing In Chittorgarh
  • The Fort
    The fort lies on a 180 meter high hill and is spread over 700 acres. the Vijay Stambh or Tower of Victory was built in 1440 to make the victory of Rana Kumbha in a battle. The imposing 37 metre high structures with nine storeys covered with exquisite sculptures of Hindu deities and depicting episodes. All of Chittor's attractions are within the fort. The main gate on the eastern side of the fort is known as the Surajpol. From the western end of the fort, there are fine views over the town and across the surrounding country-side, as well as a less-than charming view of an enormous cement factory.
  • Padmini's Palace
    Padmini's PalaceBuilt beside a large pool with a pavilion in its centre. Legend relates that, as Padmini sat in this pavilion, Alaud-din was permitted to see her reflection in a mirror in the palace. The bronze gates in this pavilion were carried off by Akbar and can now be seen in the fort at Agra.
  • Vijay Stambh
    It was built in 1440 AD. by Maharaja Kumbha, a powerful ruler of Mewar, to commemorate his victory over the Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat. It is 37 metre high structure with nine storeys, covered with exquisite sculptures of Hindu deities.
  • Kalika Mata Temple
    A temple of mother Goddess Kali Who is the symbol of power. Originally it was built as a Sun temple in the 8th century and later was converted into Kalika Temple in 14th century AD.
  • Kirti Stambh
    Chittor's other famous tower, the 22 metres high 'Kirti Stambha', or 'Tower of Fame', is older and smaller than the 'Tower of Victory'. Built by wealthy Jain merchant, it is dedicated to Adinathji, the first Jain tirthankar. A narrow stairway leads through the seven storeys to the top.

  • Best Time To Visit Chittorgarh

    • October to March is best time to visit entire Rajasthan including Chittorgarh. During this time weather is pleasant and travelling from one place to another to see tourist attractions is very comfortable.

    How to reach
    • Air
      Indian airlines operates flight to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Mumbai.
    • Rail
      Chittaurgarh has travel links with Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Kota and Delhi.
    • Road
      Chittaurgarh is on the main bus and train route. By road its well connected with Ajmer and Udaipur. There are frequent connections to these places.

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