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Vrindavan is a city of temples. One of the most important and sacred temples is the Bankey Bihari Temple, where one can expect to see devotees engaged in simple acts of worship such as ecstatically clashing small cymbals together as Vrindavanthey move in time to ancient rhythms. The Pagal Baba Temple has eleven stories in all and is one of the more modern pieces of architecture.

Although Vrindavan is not actually where Krishna is believed to have been born, it is here that he is said to have spent a great deal of time in play and indulged in the playful act of hiding the clothes of cow herding girls (the gopis) as they bathed in the rive. The river has now meandered away and the woods that once flourished here have long since disappeared although the town maintains some wooded parkland. The details of Krishna's life have similarly been obscured by the myth that now surrounds him. However, Krishna's validity as a historical figure is borne out by ancient scriptures like the Mahabharata that records great battles that were once waged in this region.

Climate The climate of Vrindavan is tropical as most of the other places in North Indian Gantetic planes. Summers from April to mid July are the worst periods with excessive heat and humidity. Monsoon starts in the third week of July and continues till mid September.

This is a great respite from the heat but increases the level of humidity considerable. The best time to visit Vrindavan is from October to March when the climate is pleasant, temperature is considerably low especially during the nights, and lots of festivals going on to keep you engaged. Other important time to visit Vrindavan is August when Janmashtmi (birthday of Lord Krishna) celebrations take place and entire Vrindavan and other places in the region becomes absolute Krishna country.

  • Bankey Bihari Temple
    One of the most important and vibrant temples is the Bankey Bihari, reached down an alleyway where one can expect to see devotees engaged in simple acts of worship such as ecstatically clashing small cymbals together as they move in time to ancient rhythms. The Bankey Bihari Temple houses a sacred image of Krishna known as Thakur Ji, which shows Krishna with an almost blackened body. Devotees enter the shrine room carrying garlands of flower petals and offer them to the spirit of the statue as Brahmins move back and forth in front of the icon, occasionally drawing across the curtain to shroud the object of devotion for a moment. The curtain is then drawn back and a great cry of Thakur Ji ! issue forth from the crowd.
  • ISKON Temple
    One of the most impressive temples is another new construction, the ISKON temple, which was built with funds coming from devotees overseas. Here, the marble buildings almost glow with a light of their own and there is evidence of intricate carving. It owes its existence to Swami Prabhupada, a Hindu devotee born in Bengal in 1896. Today, ISKON is a worldwide movement with followers from many different ethnic backgrounds.

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